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Month: March 2017

Investments and How to Find Them

There are risks involved in all investing. The skill of investing is knowing which risks are worth taking, and which should be avoided. Finding and knowing which risks to take is the essence of good investing and the whole reason that investments can pay such a high reward. It cannot be done without careful research and analysis. You must give yourself every chance to make the right decision. Investing without carrying out sufficient research is like playing roulette. You are giving yourself virtually no chance of covering your investments and avoiding disaster. There are certain steps you will have to take in order to give yourself a fighting chance of being a successful investor. If you are considering investing in company shares on the stock market, then you should be aware that all publicly traded companies must provide investors and potential investors with access to company financial data. This data is generally available from the company so if you are considering buying into a company, then get access to this information and satisfy yourself that the company is in a good financial state before parting with any money. <b>Be Aware</b> If you do research a company, and are taking a look at its financial position, then you should look back two to three years into the past. You probably don’t need to go back further than this but if...

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I have traveled around the USA teaching thousands of students how to trade with a lifestyle and one of the tricks I use are 3 x 5 cards. I have watched students respond with such excitement that they actually have confidence again and feel in control of their trades. The cards fit in a pocket, wallet or purse and are easy to access. My problem, let’s say I am rushing to catch a plane and I can’t log onto my computer, is that if my alarm goes off and I don’t have my brain in writing in front of me on a 3 x 5 card…then my real brain freezes and I do nothing. This NOTHING is usually a bad decision. The 3 x 5 cards have literally changed and enhanced not only my trading big time, but also hundreds of students now use this success method for time freedom and making better decisions. I love using my ETA software to keep track of my practice portfolio and my real portfolios. I would be lost without it. This program makes practice trading so easy, practically forces you through closing the trade. A lot of inexperienced traders don’t practice trade, because they do not see the value of it. I still practice trade everyday. The reason being, is that you can’t trade everything you want all the time. So I...

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The Effectiveness of High Yield Investment Programs

One of the basic rules of investing is that the higher the risk, the more potential for gain. A high yield investment program (or HYIP) is one such program. By investing a small amount, a HYIP offers the possibility of high gain, with some risk. One of the biggest problems with HYIP’s is that they can represent a lot of money placed at risk for a high potential gain. Although they can involve small amounts of money, most investors will invest as much as they figure that they can risk, in order to take advantage of the high potential return. Read: Although they don’t require the huge start-up that other investments do, people do spend as much as they can afford. (Some put in more than they can afford, but this is never recommended.) Also, some HYIP’s are just well disguised ponzi schemes, and are thus highly illegal. (Investigate any investment opportunity, with special care as to the background of the group or person presenting it. Normally, “too good to be true” would be good advice, but that doesn’t always prove true when it comes to investing.) Some HYIP’s are in fact defined as “ponzi games” in order to skirt legislation that prohibits ponzi schemes as well as uninsured investments; bear that in mind when investigating any HYIP. However, the problem is that not all investments pay off. With...

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The Risks and Rewards of Investing in Foreclosures

There are many different things to invest in these days. One investment route which individuals take is with regard to foreclosures. Foreclosures occur when the current homeowner of a property fails to pay their monthly mortgage and the property is repossessed by the lender. There are various risks and rewards which go along with investments of this type and some of these will be discussed below. Advantages and Disadvantages to Buying Pre-Foreclosure Properties One type of property sale which relates to foreclosures is the pre-foreclosure sale. A pre-foreclosure sale occurs when the lender allows the homeowner with past due mortgage payments to sell the home on their own and pay back the lender what they can from the sale of the home. The lender often agrees to this so that they do not have to get involved with possessing then reselling the home and the homeowner likes this option because it prevents foreclosure. The investor also benefits from this type of sale as well. Some advantages to purchasing an investment property via pre-foreclosure sale include discounted price, speedy purchase and wonderful profit opportunities. As for the disadvantages, the investor who buys property by way of a pre-foreclosure sale may find that the homeowner is hard to contact and/or unwilling to sell, the research is cumbersome and there are other potential buyers who wish to purchase the property. For those...

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With Property Investment You can Retire Young And Live Off Your Profits.

In the fast-paced, exemplary world today, money matters more than most other things. This is the era of LPG (Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization.) People are interested in exponential growth of money rather than slow growth. So, instead of saving all your income and using it for your post-retirement life, you can invest your income in a judicious manner to multiply it and earn much more from it. Investment properties are a hot option for that kind of a plan. Investment property is a property that is not occupied by the owner, usually purchased specifically to generate profit through rental income or capital gains. There are lots of convincing reasons for you to realize the benefits of investment properties. Property investment is where you make a small investment into a property, typically one still being built, which is known as an off plan property and then go on to rent it out to get good dividends, and then once raised in price, you can sell it to gain a profit or to purchase more property. No investment today offers the stability and simplicity along with the excellent returns offered by investing in property. The stock market can offer high returns, but it is a very volatile and unsteady place. This is especially true for non-professionals and there are so many external factors that can effect your financial investment. Not to...

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